06 January 2012


Firstly, Assalamualaikum for Muslim & Muslimah out there. Secondly, happy new year everybody, And say goodbye to 2011. Thirdly, welcome come back to school, after spends a holiday for 2 months. I am here to type a diary, yes blogs is my diary. The one and only. This entry will titled as 'Confessions'. It seems there is a lot of confessions unanswered in this world, same goes to me. About everything. I wanted to know why I am not tall like a normal person in this world, yeah. I wanted to know about my crush, is she doing good? There we see a serious confession. I'm a teen, a fifteen years old boy. And this year I will face PMR. A seriously half big exam, I am still not ready. Since I plays a lot in form two. I hope I will be doing fine in exam's hall. Still, I know no one will read this entry. But, I will be fine. If my crush know what's my feelings towards her. I really hope she'll know. Hm, I know she wouldn't. And yes, that's all for this time. It is noon and I'm still not shower yet. I have to go now, bye.