19 December 2011

It's A Holiday!

Hi guys, Assalamualaikum for Muslim & Muslimah. Good morning for else. It's a holiday isn't it? Yes, today I'll be posting bout holiday. So, hows your holiday guys? Is it full of amazing vacation, or staying at home for two months? It must be boring if you stay at cribs for two months, nothing to do except eats sleep wake up shower eats and so on. Haha. I've been suffer a bad flu since last 2 weeks, I guess. I feel so bad, but I have to continue my journey. Dear readers, we're turning older. And for me, next year would be my 15en years old. How bout you guys? An older age right, so I have a mission or called as 'wish'. I wish something I really want so badly, I hope the wish would be succeed before next year. On my birthday maybe, 28 of December. Hope for me guys. Right now I want to get a shower or maybe search something to eat in this house. This is my holiday, I eat, I sports, I sleep, I wake, I eat and repeatedly. Maybe your holiday's like mine. Haha. This is my routine from the starts of holiday. Hope you guys enjoy your holiday, bye Assalamualaikum & peace.