27 January 2012

So, nothing's on.

Hi guys. Assalamualaikum. Today I want to share with you all about this new year. That is 2012, the year of the dragon for the Chinese. Am I right? Guess so. And your new year starter, is it perfect? Yeah, to me, it was fine. Everything flows in good situation through thick & thin. And yes, I have awesome friends who keep accompany me in recent Chinese New Year. Addam, Azad, Farouq, Muawwiyah, Irsyad, Nadi, Ammar, Arith, Nazran, Yuri, Yusuf, and if I could, I'll write all the Victorians. And some other friends on Twitter like Natasya, Sheera, Alia, Melah, Iman Shazwan, Ninie, Amirah, Adam, Ajjurain and others. They bright my day , everyday! Well I love it. 

This year is one of the big years for me. The PMR exam will be held in this October 2012. And yes, 9 months left. So, I must study smart, try harder and be a better first son of my family than the last year and last month. But something really disturbing and playing in my mind. I really hope that 'stuff' will get out of my mind faster. Cause I can't think wisely if that 'stuff' still in my mind.

I'm updating this post in the morning, so my languages are bit scattered. Dear buddy, are you reading this post? Well, thank you. Blog is my diary, and everyone has their own diary. So, bubye guys. Have a nice day! Assalamualaikum.