28 November 2011

Staying at Simpang Pulai, Ipoh, Perak.

Hi friends, Assalamualaikum to Muslim and peace to Non-Muslim. This is my first subject for this entry, that is 'Staying at hometown'. And this week, from 28th November until 5th December I'll stay at father's hometown. Doing some works, helps my grandfather. Maybe there's something special I'll learn for a weeks staying here. How you guys doing? Feeling good, or maybe not. Don't forget to eat the medicine if you feelings ill. End of first subject. So, the second subject is 'crush'. The truth is, I have a crush. She's pretty, has long hairs, cute face and beautiful smiles. I've met her before, when I look at her face it's like she's have a secret beautiful inside. I always hope that she'll be my girl and loved by her, nobody knows about my feelings towards her. Now, I have to accept that she's already has her own crush. What can I do? Maybe tell my feelings to her, then everything will be alright. No worried, no kidding and no joke about her. Sincerely, me. And I hope we'll meet again in next new post dear readers, enjoy your holiday. Bye.